Multisensory Rooms

Enhancing Well-being for All Ages with Multisensory Rooms: From Enjoyment to Therapeutic Use

Purpose built ‘Snoezelen’ rooms | Multi Sensory Products | Safety Padding

Multi Sensory Rooms, known as ‘Snoezelen’ rooms, previously had no purpose but enjoyment. However, over the past 30 years, their use has extended to assist people of all ages and ability levels. Research by therapists has shown using these multi-sensory rooms and equipment has positive effects on individuals with Mental Illness, Autism, Special Education Needs, Dementia, Impaired Mobility Ability, ADHD, Acquired Brain Impairment, Early Intervention & Learning.

Multi Sensory Rooms should have the following components:

  • Visually stimulating products such as Bubble Tubes, Fibre Optics & Projectors.
  • A variety of cushions, mats and textures to stimulate the sense of Touch.
  • Sounds to stimulate the Auditory senses.
  • Smells to stimulate the Aromatic senses.
  • Soft furnishings, including wall and floor padding for safety & comfort.

Multisensory Room features the following:

Provide relaxation and stimulation to any room with the Bubble Tubes. The constant effects of colour change are also helpful for promoting colour recognition and visual perception. Interactive Bubble Tubes let users take control! Press the individual buttons on the switch box controller to initiate a colour change or to stop/start the bubble flow. Or, relax and enjoy the pre-programmed display. Our 1.75m Aquatic Bubble Tube has added visual stimulation. Watch the multi-coloured fish ‘swim’ up and down this captivating bubble tube.

A Bubble Tube is a focal Feature in any Sensory Room for regulatory activities. The user can sit on the padded plinth and feel the vibrations of the tube. The Smooth surface and cooler temperature of the tube provide tactile contrast. It is suitable for all ages.

Light you can touch and hold. It is ideal for those who have difficulty enjoying the normal range of lighting effects. The fibre optic lighting stimulates & holds attention.

Create a magical atmosphere, casting reflections of light around a room. There are many options to choose from:

  • Lazer Sky Projector
  • Aura Wall Projector -Projects a Rotating Image on the Wall
  • Galaxy Sky Ceiling Projector – Projects a Starry Night Sky on the Ceiling
  • Water Effect Floor Projector – Projects a rippling Water effect on the floor.
  • Mirror Ball – Light reflections cascade and move around the room creating a magical atmosphere.
  • Other Lighting Effects Include LED Strip Lighting and Colour Changing Galaxy Ceiling Panels.

Themed work is something the children will enjoy. Put the Deep Sea effect wheel on and tell a story about pirates using a piece of rope to pull the anchor up and a thunder drum for the sound of the waves crashing. The possibilities are endless with the effect wheels, a few props and a bit of imagination, and you can be anywhere.

The sense of touch keeps us in contact with our surroundings and is one of our modes of communication. The average person touches 300 different surfaces every 30 minutes, and the average person with a profound disability will likely touch 1-5 surfaces in the same time frame.

Touch is processed through the ‘Tactile’ sense. Tactile receptors that ‘pick up’ the sensation of touch are all over our bodies in our skin. Some areas of our skin have more tactile senses than other areas, e.g. mouth and hands. The tactile senses are important for identifying touch, pressure, pain, temperature and texture.

The use of loose handheld items can provide Tactile stimulation such as Textured Balls, Sensory Mats, Tactile roll.

The hearing senses provide us with details about the sounds we hear, such as volume, pitch, rhythm, and tone. Musical therapy can help with this.

By simply adding a Bluetooth CD player, you can play Calming and relaxing music to create that sensory environment. You can also connect to it via Bluetooth to play your own music or music and sounds to complement themed role-play.

Our Interactive Wall Panels also have Auditory and Tactile Elements.

The sense of smell is very powerful, and we use it all the time. We can identify many things by their smells and develop strong memories associated with smells.

Scent and sound combined: Add an Aroma Sound Diffuser to your room. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water; the electric aroma diffuser breaks them into fine micro-particles. The aroma diffuser also neutralises unpleasant odours while listening to different sound effects, including water drops, forest sounds and bird songs.

Make your Multisensory environment comfortable, calm, and safe with our made-to-measure wall and floor mats in various colours.

They are suitable for sensory rooms, Occupational Therapy Rooms, soft play rooms, playrooms, nurseries, schools, and anywhere else soft padding is required to prevent injury or impact.

We can also add a vented padded radiator cover to protect your room further.

The foam pads are covered in Commercial-Grade Vinyl. They are Easy to clean, Stain-Resistant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, Phthalate-Free, and have a crib 5-rating.

Our Foam is also Height-tested for Critical Fall Heights for use with Swings, Traversing walls, etc.