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Multisensory Room Design & Installation

We specialise in designing and installing bespoke Multi-Sensory rooms, also known as Snoezelen rooms, as well as Soft Play Rooms or OT Rooms (Occupational Therapy Rooms). Our multi-sensory expertise encompasses the installation of bubble tubes, fibre optic lighting, projectors, interactive wall panels, mirrors, and much more. We custom-make safety wall and floor padding, bespoke padded relaxation benches, and radiator-vented padded panels. All products within the sensory rooms aim to create a calm, safe, and comfortable environment. We are dedicated to crafting an environment that meets every individual’s needs and budget.

We are a fully insured limited company and carry out work throughout Ireland.

  • Multisensory Rooms
  • Occupational Therapy Rooms
  • Custom Room Builds

Enhancing Wellbeing Through Tailored Sensory Environments

Building on our commitment to enhancing sensory experiences, we also provide a comprehensive range of equipment tailored to specific therapeutic and recreational needs. This includes specialised seating solutions for posture support, sensory swings for balance and coordination, and tactile panels to stimulate touch and interaction.

Our sensory equipment is meticulously selected to aid in the development of sensory processing abilities, motor skills, and social interaction.

Recognising the unique requirements of each individual and setting, we offer personalised service from initial consultation through design, installation, and aftercare. Our professional team works closely with occupational therapists, parents, and caregivers to ensure that each sensory space we create is safe, engaging, and therapeutic, fostering an inclusive environment for users of all ages and abilities.

Our installations are crafted to fit seamlessly into homes, schools, healthcare facilities, and community centres across Ireland, transforming everyday spaces into havens of discovery and relaxation.